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Will you be my friend again

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The dog-eared letter had survived years of neglect in a cardboard box filled with cobwebs and dust.

The bright yellow imprints agaun the edges of the letter reminded me of the times when my best friend and I were obsessed with sending each other different types of stationery. Minnie wrote: Apology excepted?

Tell me if you will be my BFF agian and if my apology is excepted [sic]. The lonely blank box waited for my approval so that Minnie and I could be best friends forever.

I wrote the words: I will be your B. I was glad that I picked up such a significant piece of history from my childhood.

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It dawned on me that my pre-teen years were filled with an innocent understanding of friendship. But things would always be better.

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My life would have been void and dull without Minnie. She was like a big sister to me. She stood up to me when pre-school bullies came to demand their portion of the sandbox.

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Her eyeballs can flip inside out, and her feet are raggedy and torn. But through the years, she was a reminder of the memories I had shared with Minnie.

I remember hugging Gothy every time I felt like I needed a hug from zgain big sister Minnie.

Things eventually changed. Minnie stopped writing letters to me when she moved 30 minutes away. I could no longer bike to her wgain. I remember my mom driving past her old house one day, and reminiscing about the days Minnie and I chased her dog and ran across the sprinklers.

The house suddenly seemed to haunt me. There were no kids, no dog, no laughter and no Minnie.

We went to separate elementary schools and Minnie became more involved in other activities and other friends. We suddenly lost contact.

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Years later, she invited me to her sweet sixteen party. But I was eager to go.

At her party, I looked at the young woman in front of me and realized that we had both changed so much over the years. It was time for us to grow up and bid our letter-writing days adieu.

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But we were unexpectedly reunited at the same college. The letter I had come across made me feel bittersweet.

August 10, Monica Luhar. Nikki Jee Staff Photographer.