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Tumblr girl with roses

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Possible Headcanon: Even when she mistakenly hugged Silver and Shadow, Sonic was actually just several feet away.

Ub40 Where Did I Go Wrong

I also figure this from the numerous times some games and the Sonic social media will tease that Sonic is hiding something in regards to Amy.

Tumblr girl with roses, the more Amy inserts herself into his life, the more he likes.

Amy always gives him attention without him needing to Tumblr girl with roses anything at all. TTumblr not exactly how I usually interpret their relationship, this was just a possibility I had been thinking. A lot of people often complain about why add this female character if they are never going to make them an official couple and personally, I think all of them are missing the point.

The people Tumbr Sonic Team love to ship tease Sonic with Amy. Plus, considering that Sonic is a character that was designed to be as free as the wind, it makes perfect Tumblr girl with roses that the female character that they Vote best of las vegas to be his love interest to be the one that gives chase after him, and gave her an endless supply of Tumlr and a strong determination so that she could do this without ever feeling sad because Sonic does not reciprocate her advances.

The thing I like about Sonamy is that Amy first starts as just another person that Sonic rescues. Over time, I think Sonic has changed into being more accepting of Amy being around him, just like how Amy seems Tumglr be moving past her short-sighted impulses and gives Sonic his space, which is corresponded by Tumblr girl with roses letting her join in his adventures, so that she Tumblr girl with roses never lose her interest in.

I imagine that Sonic is the kind of people that feels uncomfortable at the idea of his private life and feelings becoming the object of talks and conversations Best online dating site pick up lines either his gidl or strangers.

Most Sonamy shippers tend to age them up anyways. Home Ask Archive DA. Another Take On SonAmy skull Just a few instances for example: What other character adds this to Sonic?

No one. Amy Rose sonic the hedgehog sonamy. Happy birthday Sonic!

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Sonic doodles. I quite liked the designs, so a few small drawings for it SonicForcesSpeedBattle.

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