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Syrup urban dictionary

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If you cant have deep emotional conversations please dont reply. I mean, being in my late 30's has molded me Syrup urban dictionary a somewhat of an old fashioned guy. Also I would prefer u had no children bc I do not but it's not a deal killer depends on your personality and how well we click.

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Top definition. Is a codine and promithazene mix that people from the south and H-town sip and sell.

YOu got some drank? I'm dranked. Drank unknown.

Perscription cough syrup. Served on the streets in Syrup urban dictionary Gallons, also known as jugzhandle, or Pints, also known as PT, PT Cruiser pints can be bought by the dozen, in a sealed case ; or lesser amounts served in baby bottles or medicine bottles.

Preferable brands are vivid Syrup urban dictionary and have a unique "purple" flavor including Sryup and Hi-Tech. Serve on ice in styrafoam cup. Enjoyably sip to induce a euphoric feeling known as "Leanin'", similar to other opiates.

Beware of "Karo", corn syrup used to cut or dilute raw Syrup urban dictionary. Removing the plastic mold tab at the bottom of the vessile and removing the product, then replacing the missing sictionary with Karo or Water while Syrup urban dictionary seal remains. I poed up a whole cruiser of drank last night, my cup was so muddy, I was leanin sideways.

The cough syrup which is normally prescribed for 2 tablespoons every 8 hours it's so thick that it just makes you lean cause' you Syrup urban dictionary fucked up you can't even stand up Tha shit is tha bomb ya'll. Ask your doctor for it.

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Tell' 'em you have a cough and it keeps you up at night. Syrup urban dictionary might have to lie and say you smoke cigarettes, cigars, whatnot, but he'll fork it over Trippin' cause I'm throwed leanin' off this muddy cup that Whoady Dictionart I got that Drank Dranks drugs. A fictional slang word describing two or more alcoholic drinks.

A country way of saying drink. I am dranking a glass of water.

Let's go get some drank Syrup urban dictionary get fucked up!! FKT Snooki Chinga la migra Meg Griffin LMSYD Luftmensch NGD Poopshack Cringe worthy Eggs Danny Thomas Do Bits Society G Code.