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Smaller man in the world

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I'll find a machine next to you and make the first .

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If all men died, and half the women were changed into men, what would happen?

Smaller man in the world

If women were more powerful than men in all aspects, what worl happen? What would the world be like for men if women outnumbered men 5 to 1? Are men better than women? Answered Aug 13, This is interesting: Answered Aug 15, Smaller man in the world Then…it would be interesting.

But, hey, giantesses. Works for me. Related Questions What would be terrifying if it is 10 times smaller?

Who is more intelligent or smarter — men or women? What would happen in worod world where men were treated as women and women as men?

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What if women were physically bigger and stronger than men? If all women died what would happen to the men?

What would happen if women in the world are ten times more than men? What would be the scenario if all the men on earth were to turn into women and all women into men for a day?

List of the verified shortest people - Wikipedia

What if women were faster than men? What if women were born stronger than men physically but men were still sex dominant because of their sex organs? What would be different in What would have been like if all men were midgets and women normal?

What would happen if there were times as many women as there are men in the world? Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos World's tallest man meets shortest man One stands as tall as a red British phone booth.

The other is the height of six SSmaller cans of baked beans. On Thursday, for the first time, the man with the tallest recorded height in the world and the shortest man in the world met at an event in London, where they posed for photos and stretched for an awkward handshake.

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The occasion was the 10th annual Guinness World Records Daywhich celebrates record-setting Smallsr around the globe. Kosen, 31, is a part-time farmer who measures 8 feet, 3 inches tall and can reach a basketball hoop without jumping.

He became the world's tallest living man inovertaking China's Xi Shun, who stood a mere 7 feet 9 inches. Tallest man meets shortest man. Hide Caption.

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Chandra, meet Sultan — Dangi, 74, is a weaver in a remote village of Nepal. He weighs just 32 pounds.