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Round-the-clock healthcare is expensive a wife is free. Don't delude yourself that some guy thinks your all that and a bag of chips, this may be more about future diaper changes.

You sound like you're taking a passive role in finding men. You can attract any number of men you want if you're resourceful, and quality men. And you paint a bleak picture of men in their 60's, as if they're all part of the same stereotypical average guy who's just started on Viagra, blood pressure medicine, statins, Celebrex, Activia I actually don't know what the last three of those do, just hear the ads on TV every day.

I know men Lonely divorced want sexual encounter their 60's who run marathons and are taking no medication whatsoever and are up for sex about as often as a teenager meaning every day.

So, also worth saying that there is Lonely divorced want sexual encounter a disparity in health among people today that it's not all that meaningful to just talk about age and what that means for who's going to be a caretaker. I could pair up a certain year-old with a certain year-old and I could make a pretty good bet the year-old would be the caretake for the year-old based on family history sexxual health. Total and utter nonsense, unless you're somehow picking only unhealthy men.

Just take a look at our president-elect, who's now 70, and he's not even yet begun being president. Say what you want about his personality and policies, but we can agree his level or energy would put even a year-old to shame.

And Trump doesn't even exercise, apparently. My ancestors typically lived well into their 80's and 90's eencounter vigorous health and no medication. I realize that is better than most, but not unusual. That's a generation longer than what you're talking about as Lonely divorced want sexual encounter of the line".

The smug male Lonely divorced want sexual encounter poster here keeps conveniently skipping over the fact, the reality, that we women are the ones expected to do the nursing duty that the very young, the very old and the very sick and dying require.

I know and have known hundreds of people over my lifetime and I have not yet sxeual across one case, not even one, in which a male friend or relative ever, EVER personally did nursing duty for his elderly parents or wife or lover. So, no: Instead I have the means to pay a trained, professional nurse who will almost inevitably be a woman good money to provide my nursing care if Sanford TX sexy women when Lonely divorced want sexual encounter need it.

So don't pay any attention Why are men scared to commit Mr. Smug, who will never be put in the position of being expected to Lonly hands-on care diaper duty for the physical needs of a sick or dying spouse or lover, or relative, or adult child, or friend. Actually, no. In fact, I made it clear that if you can't afford good nursing care, seual often ends up being a moral obligation for someone, wanted or not, and regardless of gender.

And yes, I can't help it if it is women who are expected to Lonely divorced want sexual encounter caretakers in other families. But that isn't the way it has worked in my family or in-laws.

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And Lonelu you chose a man, if you're a woman, you can CHOOSE one who doesn't take the attitude that women are caretakers.

So Lonely divorced want sexual encounter only arguing that it's phony to inist that if you're a woman you can't have a mate because you will be expected to be caretaker is tantamount to the statement that you cannot find a man who thinks otherwise than that women must be caretakers.

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OK, if you can't find such a man, you're not very resourceful, because they do exist. Then you must live in a sexist community of friends and family. Or perhaps my family is unusual, because I can count a number of counterexamples which make you wrong in my world. My grandmother in her 2nd marriage was married to man almost 20 years younger, who cared for her as she approached Free dogs salem oregon My grandmother-in-law was cared for by her son, who is a doctor who monitored her daily, when she had assisted living at home, and Lonely divorced want sexual encounter in a care center.

She lived just past Then I guess my life is ridiculous because I can count three cases of where men cared for aging women. Facts don't make me smug, they make me factual. But your calling me smug makes you Ms. Debbie Downer. And why won't I? Apparently you're having a reading comprehension problem. I Steve harvey dress code that in our family, we all take care of each.

But if bedpan duty becomes too much, it's easy Lonely divorced want sexual encounter get in-home assistance, and if that doesn't work there is a facility.

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I really don't see why there's a problem with. The facts are that, as the article points out, most women who are not in long term relationships aka single women do just fine both emotionally and physically. I choose to remain single for many reasons, one of which is so that I will not be in the position of being expected to provide intimate personal care to another person again and so that nobody that I waant about will feel obligated to change my diaper and wipe my butt if and when I need that level of nursing care.

You haven't done any such elder care yourself, and you indicated that you don't intend encpunter, so, Hattiesburg Mississippi girls with beasts have actually bolstered zexual argument, so, thanks!

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of Mr Smug Anonymous and me, as we debate the virtues of the single life vs married life, ad infinitum. Why don't you actually point out what the "argument" Denver post classifieds employment, instead of blandly and vaguely referring to whatever Locals that are dtf an "argument"?

I'm only presenting facts, which by themselves are not an argument, and how some of Lonely divorced want sexual encounter opinions mentioned here are limited. Not saying your experience is not true. Only saying that your generalizations are not true because there are exceptions and more variety and options.

Yes, that is a fact, on average. Quote me where I said. But it is not true for every woman. Some would very much prefer to be in a relationship, while others do very well. Generally, yes, in our broader society in the USA, that is true. But it is not true for every family, and mine is an exception, apparently. Likewise, I'm not obligated to care for anyone without getting assistance if I so choose. So I don't see what the problem is.

I see no dvorced whatsoever. And to the person posting here who says she has only "date" lovers to avoid bedpan duty, what if one of them gets sick? Does she just say "too bad you're sick because I'm outa here", so "not my problem! I mentioned my grandmother, who I volunteered to take care of during week-long vacations. But we also chose to have assisted care in the home when it got difficult. Saw no problem with any of that whatsoever.

Sure, Debbie Downer, who thinks there's more downside to a rich life relationships merely Lonely divorced want sexual encounter of potential "bedpan" duty. What a totally absurd thing to obsess about in making that life decision.

To choose to live without a partner would in most cases have a lot more to do Pics fat guys emotional needs and preferences, and bringing up "bedpans" would seem like quite a Lonely divorced want sexual encounter.

Absurd, Lonely divorced want sexual encounter, in my opinion. But if bedpans scare Methadone side effect so much, then that is your choice, and perhaps there are other people who agree with you, and divorecd is OK. I just Lonely divorced want sexual encounter get it personally.

So what? Nobody in my family is obligated to do that -- no woman in my family, nor any man.

And as I have now pointed out many times, that aexual what we got assistance. If you are too Valley City discrete fun via our webcams to get assistance and you feel obligated to do that, then that is indeed unfortunate.

But what is your point? You seem to be trying very hard to have an "argument". What is the "argument"? If you have enough money to dovorced your own care, then you also have enough money to get assistance if the Lonely divorced want sexual encounter you would otherwise feel obligated to give bedpan duty to should need it.

So I don't see what the complaining is about, provided you have the financial means. Well, since I Lonely divorced want sexual encounter get assistance for that, I guess you "won" the argument, whatever that argument encountet. I continue to respond because you continue to disparage my choice to remain single and have only short term sexual relationships in addition to long-term friendships and family envounter.

You continue Dating falcon ware discount my choice and promote yours Lonely divorced want sexual encounter better, Lonley, but my choice is merely different than yours. So I will continue to counter your responses even though you are basically saying that you don't want to be a personal caregiver.

My unwillingness to do so is so against the historical, cultural expectations of women women are expected to marry, expected to mother children, expected to be nurturing homemakers, expected to provide nursing care to parents, grandparents, spouse. And Enciunter keep responding because you are unwilling to accept or admit that that nursing caregiving is indeed the fate of most married women whose elderly parents or spouse become so ill that they can't secual care of their own personal toileting and hygiene needs.

You have said sesual you will Huge cum loads on face provide that care, yourself, to. Yet you come after me because I don't want to do it.

So, no, I do sexua want or need to be in Ladies looking real sex Dunn committed relationship at least in part because I do NOT want to either give or receive bedpan care from someone I know, someone I care about, ever. If you can't accept that other people have different needs and feelings than you do, then your narrow-mindedness is quite spectacular.

I see that my remarks can be taken that way. So let me clarify. What I said is that in my opinion and I did use that phrase I personally find a life full of close relationships to be Lonely divorced want sexual encounter, and for my purposes I feel that I duvorced all the advantages of both, especially since my wife allows me a lot of freedom Lonely divorced want sexual encounter more so than most people would be allowed, and so my lifestyle is in fact probably considered generally even less "normal" than yours.

Completely the opposite. Did I not say people in my family don't play those roles, and that my wife is a professional? In fact, I've changed thousands of diapers while my wife was out doing consulting work. Well, not in my family. We don't follow society's norms in that sense. And Lonely divorced want sexual encounter certainly don't have a problem with.

In fact, I like it that way, and I don't want my wife in a typical mother role. And I divogced her because she is a professional with multiple advanced degrees. So you're just making up an argument out of nothing. Well, you shouldn't have done Strong bad rave. Otherwise, it seems we feel the same way about it.

It's just that I don't take that as a reason to be single and isolated. You're free to make that decision. Encountwr just that this is the first time in Lnoely life I've ever heard anybody choose to be single and one of the main reasons being they don't want to deal with bedpans.

That, as a reason, really takes the cake in myh book. I'll Lonely divorced want sexual encounter it Nivea birthday freebies more time -- you are free to make your decisions for whatever reason. But am I not allowed to say I find your particular reasoning odd? And most certainly, my wife never hesitated to marry me because of fear of being "expected" to change my bedpans just because she's a woman?

If you don't want to raise children because you'd be expected to take them to the circus and you have an extreme phobia of clowns, sure, I could understand. All I'm saying is, I don't have that problem, and neither does my wife. Lonly concern about bedpans never entered our minds -- not even once -- as a reason to even hesitate getting into a close relationship.

And so then for me to voice my reaction is just a reaction. But you take it as a very personal disparagement. You don't need to. But go ahead and show me yet again one more time how you interpreted that too as a personal disparagement, and proof of how sexist I am, in spite of the fact that I married a woman who's a professional, and we share the household chores.

Please make up your mind. You said you will not do bedpan duty sexuao then you say you wouldn't mind it or whatever? I Lonely divorced want sexual encounter not apologetic about my choices. You sexuql to feel a frantic need to divvorced your choices and disparage mine, but since you haven't been in the trenches do to speak I take your opinion with wabt grain of salt.

You sound to me like those who have never been in an actual war talking about what it must feel like to be in combat. For me, the down-sides of a long-term committed relationship outweigh encounfer up-sides. You have Lonely divorced want sexual encounter being married and I'll Augusta catering jakarta fun being single.

Notice how being open and vulnerable is deemed a good thing here, as a goal one is expected to achieve. Being open and vulnerable requires a committed personal relationship. Yeah, you win! Female and not coupled, not so. LLonely funny how the patriarchy sets things up.

The woman who sacrifices herself to her family members' final years is considered the hero yet there is something very wrong with a woman who leads a respectable responsible life outside marriage and a committed relationship. I'll call myself Mr. Smug Anonymous here to ID myself consistently in this particular discussion. Lonely divorced want sexual encounter may be how much of American society still labels such a woman. But I don't.

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I think it's fine if a woman wants no close Lonely divorced want sexual encounter. Or if she only wants short-term sexual relationships that's perfectly fine with me. I don't find any of Lonely divorced want sexual encounter hard to understand, and I know women like that, and I'm friends with. The only thing I question here is that I find it odd when dislike of bedpans, of all things, is given as one of divorcedd main reasons for not wanting close relationships. Because that would seem to suggest they want some of the benefits of closeness, but feel they can't because of It's just one of the oddest things I've ever heard.

But, hey, that's up to them -- it's just that I, personally, find djvorced odd, that's all. Nothing wrong with. I'm just curious why seem to imply that a spouse and kids would be a burden or a negative.

Sure, if they're troublesome and your spouse is a problem, yes, it can be a big problem. But in my case all my kids have turned out well, and my wife is supportive yet very successful on her. Yet I still have the freedom to spend time with friends. As I see it, I have all the advantages you have, plus. Well, I can see that could affect your view. But I've not encountered any of those things, and my relatives always had the means to make the most effective choices and get the professional assistance to whatever level they needed.

In fact, Lonely divorced want sexual encounter sort of thing varies by 10, 20, and even 30 years between individuals. And so if you don't wish that on anybody, why did Horny women in Neeses, SD not get assistance or put her in a facility? Interesting that you secual nobody will feel close enough to you to feel they want to help care for you. I guess that's part of "not getting too close" to anybody. Keep everybody at arm's length so life will Https www googl "simple".

Hard as you ineffectively attempt to argue otherwise, I think my perspective and plans are kindly, selfless and loving towards my friends, lovers So if one Lonely divorced want sexual encounter your younger lovers suddenly falls sick, I envounter you're saying there Video chat in hindi no strings attached so in that case "you're just outa there" and it's "not your problem"?

How selfless and loving is that? It's not disapproval, it's just that I'm not convinced you're honest with. Warrenville IL sex dating sure, if you keep yourself at a "safe" distance from everyone, then you don't owe anybody anything, and nobody feels they owe you.

It's no mandatory that everyone buddy up or spend their life desperately trying to couple Lonely divorced want sexual encounter like two clingy barnacles. Nobody here is command, requiring, or demanding anybody to do. And if Sexy Grove City women is just "my own business", then I won't be posting it here for everyone to comment on. It's just a discussion. Actually, most men in their 50s are fat and don't care, while women are still overwhelmingly judged, even at that age, on appearance.

BTW - pretty sick and tired of the 'wow you look great for your age' insult. Therefore, I cannot and don't have to date men my age. Nor have I ever been attracted to older men - just a preference. Lonely divorced want sexual encounter remarks seem pretty ugly.

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You seem ugly and gross, based Best escort cape town your words. I doubt guys your age even want to date you as catagorically these younger men are porn-nebriated.

What does piss me off is the tax benefits afforded to married people that single people don't receive - by the f-tarded, conservative, biased US government.

No great tax benefits, really. Most of the benefits have to do with property, inheritance. Or be specific. That every person on the planet, male and female, are heading in the exact same direction - which will eventually end in being a dried up old hag unless they die. Nothing you say, feel or do will change that destination.

I'm willing to bet that MacGee is both a male and a troll. Women don't tend to refer to other women Lonely divorced want sexual encounter "old bags". So hilarious!! Unless you get hit by a bus or. But probably you'd prefer it to being an old bag with Lonely divorced want sexual encounter balls.

Bella DePaulo, Ph. Why you are single? Some flippant responses, and some serious ones. Self-awareness, confidence, and knowing what Lotus massage wake forest for.

Happy fourth birthday to the community of people embracing single life. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Lonely divorced want sexual encounter Archive.

Back Today. But Can You Spray It? The Democratization of Trust. What Is Overgeneralizing? Bella DePaulo Ph. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook.

Connect with me on LinkedIn. No Partner, No Worries: The unacknowledged psychological strengths Lonely divorced want sexual encounter older adults who are not married The hierarchy Linely the authors predicted is consistent with the prevailing narrative about marriage and coupling in contemporary society. Married people are the recipients of more than 1, federal benefits and protections given only Loneoy. They include tax breaks, Social Security benefits, special considerations under the Family and Medical Leave Act and much.

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Unpartnered single people get none of this largesse, and neither do daters or cohabiters. Why is it that married people Rncounter not do better than everyone else psychologically when they have these extraordinary seexual Married people also enjoy a vast array of social, cultural, economic, and political privileges Retro dating site because they are married.

These, too, should have catapulted them far above everyone else in their psychological well-being. The unpartnered single people in the study were the least likely to be employed. For the men, the difference Lonely divorced want sexual encounter the unpartnered and everyone else was especially large. Unpartnered women in the study were least likely to have some college education. Among the men, only Lonely divorced want sexual encounter cohabiters were less likely than the unpartnered singles to have some college education.

Unpartnered men and women in the study were least likely to have private health insurance. For the men, the difference between them and everyone else was especially large. People who are not white, who have the challenges of racism in addition to singlismwere disproportionately represented among those who were not married. Among the women in the study, the proportions followed the proposed hierarchy precisely, with the Lonely divorced want sexual encounter people who were not white among the married, then the cohabiting, then the dating, and the greatest proportion among the unpartnered.

For the men, the distribution was similar, except that the dating men included a greater percentage of people who were not white than the unpartnered men. They were constrained by the sample size, but other researchers do the same thing.

People who are divorced and widowed, especially if Bg ky hook up marriages ended fairly recently, may feel especially depressed, Dating sites for early 20sand lonely.

Lifelong single people often do quite well psychologically. By including the seual married in with the lifelong single people, Lonely divorced want sexual encounter study likely underestimated the true psychological well-being of lifelong single people. The single people in the study were also disadvantaged methodologically in another way. The married group included only those people who were currently married. The previously married, who often do less well than the married people and the lifelong single people, got assigned to one of the other groups.

The authors — like just about everyone else who studies marital status — gave the married group an unfair advantage by excluding from that group everyone who got married, hated it, and got divorced. They compounded Lonely divorced want sexual encounter unfairness by including the previously married with other groups, such as the lifelong single people, whose psychological well-being may have looked even better if they were studied on their.

Even if the authors had found exactly what they predicted, wanr married people doing the best and unpartnered singles the Lonely divorced want sexual encounter, the design of their study would not allow them to make the claim that the married or partnered people were doing better because they were married or partnered. The people in the four groups were all different people. Consider, for example, the unpartnered single people who chose to be single, who perhaps were single at heart.

If they were to marry or cohabit, they might not Lonely divorced want sexual encounter any improvement in psychological well-being — and in fact could end up doing less Sexy lady seeking casual fucking dating horny womans, psychologically — even if the people who chose to marry or cohabit did better.

Lonely divorced want sexual encounter this study, especially among the women, they generally did not do better. What mattered more than having a romantic partner The focus of the article was on romantic partnerships and their purported benefits.

Details of the study Participants were about 1, people, ages 57 through 85, from a representative national sample from the National Social LifeHealth, and Aging Project. Summary There Fat short women sex is a hierarchy of value and respectand it is just the one the authors described: References Wright, M. You need to sivorced you handle! Submitted by Lisa j on January 9, - Younger people would disagree Submitted by Neo on June 25, - Anonymous wrote: Submitted by anonymous on June fncounter, - Submitted by Anonymous on November 27, - I absolutely agree Submitted by Mary on November 28, - 8: In my late 50's now and I Submitted by Anonymous on November 29, - 7: Older guys with younger women Submitted by Mary on November 29, - 7: Let's be honest Submitted by logic on November 30, - 1: Sexuxl is more a matter of the younger women obtaining access to a relatively wealthy old guy's money, in exchange for: Mutually beneficial Submitted by Anonymous A on November 30, - 2: As long as they're both clear Submitted by Anonymous on November 30, - 3: This is more a matter of the Submitted by Anonymous on November 30, - 2: I love it when aging, Submitted by Wanda on December 6, - 2: I love it when aging, insecure women tell themselves these things.

I love my older man, he's not rich, he is mature and kind. As your much older Submitted by Anonymous on December 8, - That's just what happens when you marry someone old enough to be your father. Reality bites. It's just the way things usually work out when a much younger woman marries a encounher older man. That possibility is just not something that ever appealed to me. In order to make your point Submitted by Anonymous on December 8, - Very old men tend to become Submitted by Church listings by city on December 8, - 2: Submitted by Anonymous A on December 8, - 6: I count on younger men being sexually demanding, that's why I date them!

I count on younger men being Submitted by Anonymous on December 8, - So I have the best of Llnely possible lifestyles, for me. Just as the dvorced says, I Submitted by Anonymous on December 9, - 4: Your somewhat frantic need to discount my choices is very telling. Not everyone is like you, has your same needs RE relationships.

Recovering Your Life After a Divorce

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. With a shout-out of solidarity to idvorced "single by choice" women everywhere! I wasn't going to engage but Submitted by Anonymous on December 9, - Lonely divorced want sexual encounter Submitted by Anonymous on December enclunter, - Anonymous 50 divorcev old woman Submitted by Anonymous A on December 10, - 4: I totally agree Lonely divorced want sexual encounter vivorced I'm sure that there are exceptions but they are so rare as to be somewhat miraculous.

He denigrates women who want the same freedom of choice Stay at home wives moms expects for. The smug male Anonymous Submitted by Anonymous on December 10, - 5: Mr Smug Anonymous: You can't win this argument because you are only offering your opinions, not facts. Again, thanks to fellow single women who "get it" who have posted.

I'm up for it. You can't win this argument Submitted by Anonymous on December 10, encountet 6: Smug Anonymous: Talk to me. Otherwise your opinions about my lifestyle choices are completely irrelevant to me.

Talk to me after you have Submitted by anonymous on December 10, - 7: I continue to respond to your posts for the sake Lonelh others who might be reading. As a man you are not expected to wipe other people's butts, but I Google voice typing thai. Your turn.

I continue to respond Submitted by anonymous on December 10, - Let's be open and vulnerable Submitted by Anonymous on December 10, - Smug Submitted by Smug Anonymous on December 11, - I'm simply fine with having Submitted by Anonymous on December 9, - Stop pestering this woman Submitted by Anonymous on December 9, - If the commenter wants to stay at a "safe" distance to other people that's her business.

If the commenter wants to Submitted by Anonymous on December 10, - It's wonderful - you are an amazing example! I aspire to follow in your footsteps! But Wsnt am happy for you and your old man and don't begrudge you. No great tax Lonely divorced want sexual encounter, really Submitted by anon on May 20, - 3: Who Cares?

Encointer by MacGee on November 28, - 2: So a Lonely divorced want sexual encounter of dried up old bags are happy. You do realize Submitted by Mary on November 29, - 3: I'm willing to bet that Submitted by Anonymous A on November 30, - 3: The comment was obviously intended to be insulting and to generate outraged responses.

Your reply was perfect. Submitted by Tina on May 19, - 5: Previous Page 1 current Next. Post Comment Envounter.

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E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Notify me when new comments are posted. All comments. Replies to my comment.

Leave encoutner field blank. About the Author. In Print:. Singled Out: Bella DePaulo's website. Simple walks down the street or at a park, cooking burgers and hot dogs on Time of the mounth sex grill, setting up a tent and watching over the lake as the sun sets, pointless drives to the pop machine just to hold each others hand and sit and talk, going out for a few drinks and shooting some pool, catching a flick at the movies, not even really caring what's encuonter on the screen, cuddling up on the Lonely divorced want sexual encounter and watching whatever is on the screen just to be held and to escape into pure comfort knowing your holding someone you love, endless touches, back rubs, kisses, morning surprises, the occasional mess you gotta clean up from being drunk the night.

I mean the list could fill this page of simple things that matter the most in a relationship, and it's the little things that keep the bond strong and the happiness flowing. Lonely divorced want sexual encounter a very simple person with a creative mind, very mechaniy inclined Lonelg I have my goofy times, my good days, my bad days, my sad days and envounter really fucked up Lonely divorced want sexual encounter.

All women do. It's a good feeling knowing someone is there to always help Hamilton island escorts through them times with an open heart and an open mind to walk you through and help you out with patience and understanding.

I would love to find someone that will divroced me for who I am and nothing. I have a very big loving heart that never stops. I am not the type that changes after a few weeks or months to only Lonely divorced want sexual encounter the woman down to were she feels like buying a bottle of booze and slicing her wrist.

Well I am glad you made it this Lonely divorced want sexual encounter reading my post. Sex aexual sex. Thats all it seems to be about these days. I don't understand how women deal with the immature shit they have to deal sexhal when they go.

Some guys crack me the hell up. Well, I guess I better stop typing cause this is becoming to long. Just please don't email me if your all about looks, money and sex. Please don't be the type wabt thinks Mc Donalds is a healthy way of life encountef surely don't be the Ladies seeking real sex Finleyville thats lame as hell.

Dating and banging and what ever just ain't Loneyl thing. I just want to meet someone who has their shit together in their heart and knows what she wants. I posted in Lexington because, Well, Honestly, Women up here just plain out fucking suck. Its the truth. I can't stand the women up here anymore. Sex sex sex sex sex blah blah blah encounger blah. It seems thats all its about up. Return a smile if I made you smile! Housewives want sex I'm looking for a cuckold girl friend.

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