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Kid rock in concert 2015

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Saturday, July 11, On Saturday, Kid Rock found more than 20, of them in Raleigh at No sober body is going to wait to pay $ for a Corona Light at a concert when you can get a suitcase of Bud Light for about. Kid Rock and the Twisted Brown Trucker Band will be joined on tour this summer by rock Kid Rock '$20 Best Night Ever' Summer Tour. Kid Rock announces "First Kiss" tour plans for , including $20 tickets and six hometown DTE concerts.

Advertise Contact Us. Home Music Archives Live: Kid Rock, Foreigner and a night of folly in Raleigh. Back to Search Results. Photo courtesy of Kid Rock.

Kid Rock Tour Dates & Concert Tickets

But how exactly does one businessman from Michigan repackage a culture not his own and sell it back to the people who gave it to him? STEP 1: While parking my diminutive hatchback between a pair of full-size trucks in a field outside the amphitheatre, it became clear that the main event—you know, the concert—was actually Kid rock in concert 2015 culmination of an afternoon-long parking-lot celebration.

Bean bags thumped on cornhole boards. The cheap aluminum of Bud Light cans crunched.

Woos shot skyward to the beat of indistinguishable bro-country hits. People sat outside RVs and on tailgates. One lone man even "Woo!

Live: Kid Rock, Foreigner and a night of folly in Raleigh - INDY Week

That lone barge offered a certain mystery. Inside the venue, I lost count again: Most everybody was already wasted, but it was early.

The sun was still out, and the opening pop bluegrass Naughty army wives, Packway Handle Band, only played a few songs. On the hill, a group of white men unfurled rocck Confederate battle flag eight people wide and two people tall. Kid rock in concert 2015

Kid Rock books 6 DTE shows, reprises $20 ticket plan

People raised their phones to take pictures. Dozens of other fans revealed their own flags.

Drunk folks love karaoke, and this was the next best thing. Mick Jones is the only remaining original member of Foreigner. Everybody else has been replaced at least twice.

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All of these new members seemed to be thrilled to be in Foreigner. Their enthusiasm rivaled that of a Disney roci performer, only more cartoonish.

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Lead singer Kelly Hansen was the most over-the-top. He played the rlck like he was playing lead guitar. The only person not openly Kid rock in concert 2015 a good time Dating guys over 30 Jones.

At one point, Hansen trotted him center stage and introduced him as the patriarch of the band and a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The beleaguered Jones seemed there only to give the other men acting as Foreigner some legitimacy.

The crowd sang the hits full-throat, and Foreigner left no low-hanging fruit un-plucked. Foreigner ended on a happy note, at. STEP 3: The dude is not subtle.

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His face is a little worn, and he Kid rock in concert 2015 winded, so his performance is built around long breaks for dialogue. That's when he becomes the common man, you see. His switch from rap rock to country, he explained, was about doing whatever he wanted and tapping into his roots.

But rokc was hard to believe when so much of his show played like the output of extensive market research. It checked all the boxes—truck driving, small towns, reminiscing about women over a heartland lick ripped ripped from Mellencamp.

Each element was vague enough to trigger a memory. The audience filled in all the details, stories and feelings.

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Despite doing the work themselves, each fan thought Kid Boulder mature sluts could relate to. These were all accompanied by a slideshow of Rock with celebrities. At times, it felt like Rock was just standing on stage, listing anything remotely related to a commercial about country life.

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Rock played to his audience perfectly while avoiding any offensive soundbites. He showed appreciation for all his fans in the northeast and then told the crowd about the special place in conxert heart for the South. He crossed his arms in an X and smiled when Confederate flags appeared.

The giant conceert board lingered on the flags in the crowd before returning Kid rock in concert 2015 the band on stage. He never mentioned the flags, and, as if in his own preemptive defense, he called his African-American backup singer to the front of the stage and danced. STEP 4: Rock played the entire night underneath a giant Chevy logo.

Bottles of Red Stag and Jim Beam strategically littered the stage and pre-recorded videos. In the corporate climax, the lights went off and a Kid Rock-narrated Chevy propaganda piece played. A giant American flag dropped behind.

Confetti fluttered. This was concerf climax of an hour of build up, including a navel-gazing 15 minutes where Rock took the audience through his musical history and the reasons he now writes sappy songs. He wants to be a better father, grandfather, husband and friend.

He wants to show people that he cares. His support of American soldiers and their families seems admirable. But they like it, so he likes it.