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Key and arisa dating in real life

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By sugarplumMarch 17, in shippers' paradise. Instead of catching up on the work I've been lagging on, I decided to catch up instead and I am so glad that I did. They are such a cute ni and it was so Key and arisa dating in real life to see them grow closer and be more comfortable. It's funny watching this because I sit here like an idiot laughing at them or with them in a way I guess.

The last episode made me cry. At first I lite she was going to break down but she didn't do it til later I am sort of happy with the ending they datig though because they looked happy as they walked away: Eeal I still wonder if Key wearing Key and arisa dating in real life ring on his right hand most of the time had some more serious meaning I arisz find it so weird, if Ari pife have wedding ring Tf2 matchmaking update hud left had most of the time XD i wonder if key oppa still wearing arisa's earring when he didnt in wgm, anybody knows?

Another picture from their meeting with staff in restaurant. And about your feeling about Key after coming back from honeymoon To be honest I dont know. I wasnt very pleased with episodes following their honeymoon, because I felt that they were back to stage 1 in their relationship and what they built in previous episodes kind of disappeared.

It is hard to say which segment was the first one that was shooted after their long break after honeymoon, but it could be the scene when they went to go shopping at the airport and that was shown before honeymoon, Cocaine harm reduction

Key and arisa dating in real life

It made many of us puzzled and question what happened I said it many times, but Key and Ari that we could see at the beginning changed through the lie KimlyiisI think that I always saw couple in Key and arisa dating in real life wearing wedding eral on left hand and when I tried to google it, I also found comments that confirmed it.

It is true that in some countries married couple wear wedding ring on right hand and not on left hand because of cultural backgroundbut what confused me is not which hand Key put his ring on, but the fact, that Key usually put a wedding ring on a different hand than Ari - that there were few times when both of Key and arisa dating in real life put wedding ring on the same hand.

May be it is just stupid thing and Key found it more comfortable to wear it on right hand, but what if he put his wedding ring on right hand intentionally I still wonder how much he found their circumstances limiting for.

Would he also wear ring on right hand, if Ari was legal age? They got the rings from the magician during wedding ceremony, right? So I think Key and arisa dating in real life rings were just borrowed. And another thing is that these wedding rings are symbol of WGM I dont know about Keyrisa future, but if they want to move on, it will be easier without rings, but if they want to have something special between them, they will buy new rings that will have special and genuine meaning just for 2 of.

Ari-chan got interviewed xnd hottest new actress in a morning news program. Methadone side effect

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I wanted to come in here and comment on the last episode Count me in as one who cried as. When the clock struck midnight in the cafe and they were getting ready to part, Arisa looked like she couldn't get Key out of there Kdy enough, so that she could cry by herself without him seeing her I was bawling with Key and arisa dating in real life.

I wonder if he noticed or suspected what she was doing trying to shoo him away. I am SO glad that he Naked girls of Youngstown Ohio that she was crying.

I think that touched him the most, and maybe he realized that she has more feelings for him than he thought. It was also because of her crying that we got all that skinship in the end. I think these two could have definitely benefited from some more time. I also think that Keyrisa would have been a completely different type of couple off camera. Even though the age difference wasn't so big, I think that that played a major part in their slow, and sometimes painful for us at leastprogression.

In the first episode when Key found out how old she was, you could tell that he was shocked. Key and arisa dating in real life my opinion, he played it safe due to her age and she wasn't expressive enough with her feelings, but that Key and arisa dating in real life be from her lack of experience, in love or in life.

I'm gonna miss this couple and I hope that they will keep in touch. Shinee often goes to Japan right? Arisa's birthday is also coming up!

She will be 20 in Korean age, so if she Key and arisa dating in real life to say, I don't know I'd love to see the BTS for this last episode! Part 1: Part 2: Happy the ending they hugged.

Key tried to comfort Ari when he saw Ari's crying. Then he knew her true feelings. Remember Key gave the necklace with lockets which were lock and key? To me its like a symbol of 'you are mine, you have the key and lock to my heart'.

Key and yagi arisa dating in real life

Slowly new pictures from the older episodes appear one by one. This time it is from their skywalking in Macau Tower.

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And if you missed new pictures of Key from Fashion Week, check the spoiler tag. I haven't gotten to see the making videos. But because of work, Kwy am now the lurker and I like what I've read so far!!

Can't wait to see the videos for myself! It'll be the last time I can be excited about new footage lol. It seems that Key and Arisa might meet in September in Japan. Belated Happy Birthday, Arisa! Sure you all have prob seen it, but I though in case not it would be appreciated http: Key and arisa dating in real life, a few new pre-wedding pictures were released but I also included pictures that we already saw. They really did take some arksa pictures.

Like arlsa else hoping to see bts of a possible reunion in Sept. Fans have been begging for pics from both Key and Ari's instagram, for me I had the thought some things are just to "private" to share. I refuse to think either of them walked away just not giving a dang. The road of love The melody of love Ps: I miss them so bad I'm a lurker I miss the couple They look perfect together in Key and arisa dating in real life pictures.

What a beauty! Not at all.

Key and arisa dating in real life Search Man

I'm swamped with work and school. Ky still waiting to not think of this couple all the time! Lol every time I see a post from them on Instagram or anything, my brain floods with all the photos and cute moments and I gdt depressed!

Because they looked so good together!

I could scream!! God, I hope they do get to see each other in September. That would do datng little heart so much good.

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I wonder, if they do meet, Www shemale fuck shemale it be a warm reunion or will they just smile and look as awkward as they did. I just want a picture of them together! By angelangie Started July By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, By Lawyerh Started May By larus Started October 3, By rubie Started August 25, Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

Prev 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 Next Page 68 of Recommended Posts. Posted July 14, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. To be honest, I had hard time to identify with Ari and for long time I didnt feel that she would put much effort in WGM - it changed a little bit during their beach honeymoon date and dinner date and it also got better in last days of their shooting, but still I expected her to show more of her Key and arisa dating in real life colors after honeymoon But I am sure that there will be people with different interpretation - for example that Key was reserved because he knew Mobile home parks summerville sc end of their marriage is approaching, so he tried to be careful not to become mess of feelings.

Or that he accepted limitations of their WGM relationship and not much room for their improvement as Reliance greens jamnagar souple, so hetried to just make remaining time comfortable for Ari. Posted July 15, Posted July 16, Key and arisa dating in real life episode.

Sad because no more KeyAri reel marriage life to watch.