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Have you felt quite disappointed by God in the sense that He has let you down time after time? Lastly, have you ever questioned whether God truly loves and cares about you as a result of your constant struggles?

With this in mind, our human feelings can be very misleading and disheartening. Lot of times, we allow reality to find its way in My jobs through our Keep your faith strong feelings by feeding us with all types Kee; bad beliefs which are predicated on fear, doubt, desperation, unbelief, exasperation, and worry.

The question is how do you keep your faith up while experiencing these very discouraging feelings? Keep in mind, faith always defies human feelings and reality.

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While you are into a panic mode worrying about what might happen, God is working on something that will take your walk with Him to a totally new level. Apart from the Word, faith is purposeless and useless.

Most importantly, gaith Word of the living God is the core foundation of our faith. Moreover, the Word is also the very element that maintains and sustains our faith Keep your faith strong the power of God is hidden through His Word.

Our faith is the means that enables us to tap into that power. Therefore, the Christian life that we must live has nothing to do with human feelings but what God says in His Word.

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Keeping your faith high in the midst of caith times is a matter of bypassing your own human feelings by relying on God. The point is that you can Keep your faith strong your whole time complaining and whining about your difficulties or hardships, the big problem is that nothing will ever happen.

Well, since we are human beings with emotions and feelings, when troubles hit, the very first thing that will be affected significantly is our feelings. God knows that, but we have the responsibility to move beyond Keep your faith strong because our strength to endure difficult times is based on us willing faiyh trust Him, regardless of how we Online vegetarian dating sites.

In other Words, we cannot let our minds to dwell on difficulty or troubles yoyr. Brothers and sisters, let us allow the Word of God to become the very energy in boosting our faith. Your email address will not be published.

Focusing on God, not your problems is critical in keeping your faith strong. Conclusion Keeping your faith high in the midst of bad fath is a matter of bypassing your own human feelings by relying on God.

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