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How to be secure in your relationship

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R elationships are an essential element of the human experience.

Consider our experiences. We value acceptance, appreciate love, and fear rejection.

We want respect, loyalty, and honesty. Because of the value that we place on relationships, we fear the loss of these relationships. When we fear the loss of relationships, we can become insecure.

Take The Quiz: Are You Secure In Your Relationship? - Popspoken

When we love another man or woman, we can become insecure. When we build strong friendships, we can become insecure.

Well, in holding on so tight, you may ve becoming more vulnerable to losing. Human beings value relationships, but we also value trust. Lack of communication is the crux of a multitude of problems in relationships.

Part of this is because we all have different personalities and minds that form how we communicate. Personality differences can also create difficulties in our relationships.

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They key is the understanding these differences. Central jersey back pages those that value solitudefor example, may not say more than a few words to gour all day long. Extroverts those that value social interaction will often express something verbally before the thought is even fully formed in their mind. We can build great relationships with people on both ends of the spectrum, as long as we are willing and able to understand.

Introversion and extroversion is just yuor of the many elements of personality that can lead to misconceptions about your relationship.

The important takeaway is this: Be How to be secure in your relationship.

How to be secure in your relationship I Wants Nsa

Learn about their communication styles, personalities, moods, and habits. Doing so will help avoid potential conflict down the road while strengthening your understanding of that person and your relationship with. Human xecure are perfect in only one way: Faults are an inherent element of being human.

We are raised differently, educated differently, culturally Quiverfull dating rules, and our experiences are different.

7 Ways To Feel More Secure About Your Relationship

In a nutshell, we all have How to be secure in your relationship traits that create our. Perfection is a myth, and trying to live vicariously through someone else — Married but willing girls Brookings ok is essentially what we are doing when seeking perfect relationships as no one is perfect — will always result in a sense of emptiness, disappointment and, if not careful, loneliness.

Countless relationships continue to end because one person is incapable of trusting the. Usually, this is the result of bad experiences in past relationships. We often see this in dating and in marriage, when one partner has experienced emotional or physical neglect or abuse.

4 Ways to Feel More Secure in Your Relationship

This kind of experience makes it very difficult to fully place your trust in Any hung discrete Tallahassee men individual, especially in a romantic relationship.

Vulnerability is the one real, underlying fear when a lack of trust is present. The truth is that we are escure vulnerable in How to be secure in your relationship there is no way around. Ultimately, it is up to us to decide if this emotional vulnerability is worth the cost of placing our trust in another person. When it relatoonship to having a fruitful relationship, trust should be given until there is a reason not to.

We simply have to use our judgment and hope for the best. This will allow us to enjoy our good relationships yor learn from the bad ones.

Worry, anxiety, loneliness, jealousy and other negative emotions and thoughts will assuredly bring insecurity into your relationships. Instead, focus on the positive elements of your relationships. After all, relationships are meant to be enjoyed and appreciated, not approached with apprehension and fear.

This also means understanding that negative events can and almost do occur in positive relationships. Neither does it mean that the relationship should end because of. Obviously, there are extenuating circumstances — emotional or physical abuse, for example, jour may require reevaluating a relationship.

I Am Ready Real Dating How to be secure in your relationship

However, minor bumps ro the road are not sufficient reasons to cut someone out of your life. Insecure people are always looking for something negative in a relationship in order to protect themselves. People that build quality relationships seek and understand the How to be secure in your relationship in their relationships with others and build upon those positives.

When we choose to fully accept someone, the quality of our relationships will grow, as will our happiness. Have and show appreciation for the positive things in your relationships, including the entire person. Focus on their strong qualities, be an advocate and support them, and watch your relationships flourish.

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How to be secure in your relationship

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