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Seeking Man Do british girls like american accents

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Do british girls like american accents

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Do American boys find the english accent atractive? This may sound like a really stupid question but do american boys find the english accent attractive?

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I always here about how american girls really like the english accent on men, but does it work the other way around? I'm just sayingdon't start a new topic to ask 1 question like: It's perfectly possible to Ecstasy and molly ask your question in another topic!

Do british girls like american accents I Am Search Nsa

DK, A number of studies and surveys have shown that Americans generally like British accents better than their. Advertisers have even found that sales of a procuct will increase if Dating girl three years older have someone with a British accent doing the commercial.

So, I imagine that a lot of American males probably do like girls with British accents. I saw a television Do british girls like american accents on it in about how some grown-up offspring of these marriages living in England were trying to find their American dads.

Wanting Cock Do british girls like american accents

One British girl finally located hers living in Ohio and the report showed their first face-to-face meeting even though it was via televison. All that matters is that you give them your phone number and tell them how wonderful they are. From an American female's perspective, which may or may not help, I think American men and women are equally charmed by a variety of different accents especially European. For example, a Do british girls like american accents speaking with a "standard" English accent would probably be perceived as demure and intellectual, whereas a woman speaking with an Italian Do british girls like american accents would be perceived as exotic and sensual.

Of course, as Ocd and dating all stereotypes, they may or may not ring true.

On that note, I am curious as to the perceptions of the American accent either male or female, if they differ by non-Americans. I think Bubbler is right about Americans being charmed by foreign accents in general, especially European.

I used to attribute my own attraction to British accents to the fact that I was a teenager during the British Invasion in the '60s. But I think the seeds were sown in my childhood, when my mother took me to see so many British movies.

Wmerican my younger days, men of my generation seemed to be equally as infatuated with English and Scottish and Irish accents in women. Do british girls like american accents also curious girld how American accents are perceived by non-Americans. I've heard many negative comments over the years about American accents. Several non-Americans have told me that the way I speak is pleasant neither shrill nor loud, and with a standard American accentbut no one has ever specifically said anything complimentary about my accent.

When a construction worker called out something to me, addressing me as "luv," I was Do british girls like american accents charmed, even while realizing that it shouldn't be any more charming than being called "babe" in a similar situation in the Girld.

Being called "puta" in Spain because I was walking by myself wasn't charming. Deborah, that is so true.

Being called "luv", "luf", even "lassie" while visiting the UK certainly put a smile on my face. But being bombarded with catcalls, whistles, air kisses, and "complements" like "Ay mami, que nalga!

Sorry fellas, it's not about race, ethnicity, or accent, but the way you treat a lady. As everyone else has said, Americans seem to be entranced by amerocan accents.

I Am Search Private Sex Do british girls like american accents

The reason, I think, is because accents aren't accentw as often in the U. This has been changing in the last few decades as more Spanish and Vietnamese speaking people have immigrated. From what others have written here in the past, it seems that the American accent is not liked very.

Also, my Australian friend frequently comments on how loud Americans are when they speak. From my experience, I find those who like America generally enjoy the way Americans speak.

I acccents doubt it. Likewise, Americans are charmed by the accents of those deemed most culturally similar to them i. So, when I hear that U.

The people I met in Russia around the time of the coup were very pro-American what a concept! I didn't mention this earlier when I said that no one had ever said anything complimentary about virls accent because they just said igrls they generally liked the sound Do british girls like american accents American English, and did not gush over it, as many Americans tend to gush over certain foreign accents.

My American male perspective on British accents is that they are attractive Free online dating iphone app accompanied by an attractive woman.

Same with any other accent. I'm curious Why start such a lame topic? Keira Knightley